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Male Breast Reduction in Dallas, TX

What Is Male Breast Reduction?

Men can accumulate unusual amounts of fat and glandular tissue in their breasts in a condition known as gynecomastia.

While the exact causes of gynecomastia are unknown, the condition can be a source of embarrassment. Male breast reduction surgery is the solution. Male breast reduction usually involves a combination of surgery and/or liposuction. As with most surgeries, each case is somewhat unique. If more fat is behind the breast enlargement, then liposuction alone may suffice. If there is excessive glandular tissue, then excision surgery to remove the tissue and any excess skin may be the best option. Sometimes a combination of both procedures is the best solution.

Who Is Right for the Procedure?

It is important that the potential patient has tried diet and exercise first, but still has enlarged breasts.

Men who have enlarged breasts that seem to persist despite exercise and alternative treatments can reap the most benefits from male breast reduction.

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How Is a Male Breast Reduction Done?

If liposuction is the chosen approach, several small incisions are made in the targeted areas

Dr. Trovato then inserts a cannula and manipulates it in a controlled motion to break down, and then suction out, the fat. In an excision technique, excess skin and glandular tissue in the breasts are removed to achieve the desired chest contour. The nipples may be moved and the areolas reduced, as well.


Your incisions will be covered with bandages or dressings.

Compression garments will be worn to minimize swelling and to help the skin adapt to its new contours. A drainage tube may be temporarily placed in the incisions to prevent excess fluid and blood from collecting in the area.

What Are the Risks?

Risks involved with male breast reduction surgery include anesthetic risks, bleeding, blood clots, breast contour irregularities, unfavorable scarring, persistent pain, infection, and poor wound healing.

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