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Common Myths About hCG Matthew J. Trovato, MD

Common Myths About hCG

Common Myths About hCG

hCG is a supplement that is used to losing weight and gaining muscle mass. As with many non-traditional supplements, hCG is a topic that is surrounding by a misunderstanding about what it does and how well it works. Here are some of the most popular myths about hCG.

The FDA has Rejected Approval of hCG

The Food and Drug Administration requires that research is performed on any medications and supplements that are being considered for approval. hCG has not been submitted for FDA approval, and the department has reported that more scientific research needs to be performed to secure FDA-approval. Not every supplement is approved by the FDA, yet these supplements work incredibly well in practical environments, such as for weight loss using hCG.

hCG for Weight Loss is from Pregnant Women

Human chorionic gonadotropin, or hCG, is found in the urine of pregnant women, but this is not the source of hCG that is recommended for weight loss. Rather, the benefits of hCG were noted, and then a synthetic form was developed for weight loss programs.

I Do Not Need to Exercise When I Use hCG

Any effective weight loss program needs to include changes to food intake and activity levels, and hCG is no exception. hCG is used in combination with a healthy exercise program and modifications to the diet. Using hCG alone will not produce the desired results.

hCG Does Not Help with Weight Loss

It is true that many people lose weight through diet and exercise alone, but not everyone. hCG has been proven to stimulate activity in the muscles and change how your body uses hormones. hCG changes your metabolism so that you can lose weight faster or lose more weight at the same time.

Using hCG Causes A Lot of Side Effects

Much of the attention in the media about the side effects of using hCG is based upon individual cases where the person did not use the supplement properly. When used as directed, hCG produces little, if any, side effects.

I Do Not Need a Prescription for hCG

Just your skin care from a department store contains the same ingredients as professional skin care, the hCG supplements that you find outside of a medical professional are not as effective as the prescription product. You may lose weight with hCG products that are available on the market, but the results may only be short-term. Prescription hCG ensures that you are using only the highest quality hCG and that your health and progress are carefully monitored.

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