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Mommy Makeover in Dallas, TX

Body Restoration with a
Mommy Makeover

Dallas Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Matthew J. Trovato M.D. intersects artistry and expertise with Mommy Makeovers

The moniker ‘Mommy Makeover’ became a popular combination of plastic surgery techniques designed to address and target problem areas of the breast and body. Dallas plastic surgeon, Dr. Matthew J. Trovato offers a personalized approach to aesthetically achieve your body restoration.

What is Mommy Makeover?

Sagging breasts, stretched abdominal muscles, and loose excess skin is often lasting and unwanted effects from pregnancy, breastfeeding, and weight loss or gain. Our procedure for mommy makeover in Dallas often includes:

  • Reducing fat pockets.
  • Repairing stretched areola.
  • Correcting breast asymmetry.
  • Repairing abdominal muscles.
  • Removing excess skin from the abdomen.

Since a mommy makeover often encompasses multiple surgical techniques simultaneously, each patient’s procedure is unique. For this reason, Dr. Matthew J. Trovato utilizes a detailed and comprehensive consultation process, ensuring that every aspect of treatment and care during your mommy makeover is tailored specifically to you.

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How do I know if a Mommy Makeover is right for me?

Dr. Trovato will address the changes you want to make and design a personalized Mommy Makeover treatment plan to help you feel like you again

There are important factors to consider before undergoing such invasive body contouring procedures. It is highly advisable to wait to have a mommy makeover until after you have children so you can maintain your new physique without concern about dramatically changing your body. Keep in mind, after your surgery, you will be unable to lift anything over five pounds.

This means, if you have younger children, it is crucial to have support at home and help with childcare. Timing is crucial when determining when the right time is to have a mommy makeover. Dr. Trovato will discuss your concerns and help you determine a few considering factors:

  • New mothers must be fully recovered from childbirth before undergoing surgery.
  • While breastfeeding, certain injectables should be avoided, and it is advised to wait until after your breasts return to a stable shape and size.
  • Mommy makeovers are typically designed for women after having children; otherwise, the surgery may need to be repeated.
  • After surgery, you must have help with taking care of your children and help to do minor tasks, as you will not be able to pick up anything over five to 10 pounds for the first four to six weeks after your procedure.

Mommy Makeover Procedure

During your consultation for a Mommy Makeover Dallas plastic surgeon, Dr. Trovato will determine which enhancements and body contours approaches will provide optimal results for your body type.

Surgical options

Mommy Makeover requires multiple body contouring procedures while under anesthesia at one time, thereby improving your overall recovery. Standard Mommy Makeover procedures performed together may include:

Non-surgical Treatments

Alternative non-surgical options are available for those women who want “some work done” but plan on having children in the future. Non-surgical treatments are excellent alternatives with significant results and include the following:

Mommy Makeover Recovery

Mommy Makeover recovery times will vary for each patient and
depends on the type of body contouring procedures that were performed

Dr. Trovato will have an essential post-operative mommy makeover treatment care plan that must be followed. It’s vital you refrain from lifting for up to six weeks after your Mommy Makeover surgery. Most Dallas mommy makeover patients take two weeks off of work and have help with children and chores. You can expect to see full results within six months, and scars will gradually fade over six to twelve months.

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Mommy Makeover Results

Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Matthew J. Trovato, offers his patients Mommy makeover surgery to help restore their pre-pregnancy body. However, breast implants are not meant to stay in forever, so you will need to discuss with Dr. Trovato the possibility of maintenance breast augmentation procedures.

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Go from good to great with a mommy makeover from Dallas plastic surgeon, Dr. Matthew J. Trovato M.D. His skilled aesthetics team will guide you through your cosmetic journey and customize a mommy makeover treatment plan with long-lasting results. Schedule your Dallas consultation today.

Mommy Makeover Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to my tummy tuck if I gain weight?

It’s important you maintain a healthy weight regimen to keep your weight stable. However, small fluctuations in weight are normal. If you gain a lot of weight in a short span of time, you may develop stretch marks.

What happens to my belly button after a tummy tuck?

Dr. Trovato will discuss your procedures in more detail during your consultation. During your tummy tuck, the incisions can be made around your belly button to maintain your natural look.

What are the risks of a Mommy Makeover?

It is rare to have significant complications from a Mommy Makeover. Still, your cosmetic surgical procedures may carry certain risks and complications, such as swelling, numbness, bleeding at the incision sites, persistent pain, blood clotting, fluid accumulation, infection, and nerve damage. However, double-board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Matthew Trovato will guide you through this process to determine if a Mommy Makeover is right for you.

Will Dr. Trovato cut in the same place as my C-section scar?

Previous C-section scars are typically removed because the tummy tuck incision is longer and a little lower than the C-section scar. Therefore, the tummy tuck scar will most likely be less noticeable than the C-section scar, and in most cases, stretch marks are removed with the excess skin.

Is it safe to have all of these procedures done at once?

Dallas area women should know that Mommy Makeover is exceptionally safe. You will be in a safe environment with expertly trained staff and an experienced plastic surgeon.

Which is more painful, a Mommy Makeover or a C-Section?

Pain tolerance in each patient is different. However, some patients have mentioned that their tummy tuck was more manageable than a C-section. During a C-section, your doctor cuts through your lower abdominal muscles and uterus to deliver the baby. Yet, new moms are still expected to care for a newborn while recovering from major surgery.

With a tummy tuck, Dr. Trovato is repairing the muscles and tightening the area. Additionally, your sleeping schedule and recovery should be smoother since you no longer care for an infant. Each tummy tuck caters to each patient, so a woman who has had multiple pregnancies or hernias may need more work, resulting in more pain post-surgery.

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