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Liposuction In Dallas, TX

What is Liposuction?

A popular plastic surgery procedure

Liposuction is the most popular plastic surgery procedure in America. It involves the removal of undesirable fat pockets in the body that don’t respond to dietary changes or exercise. Liposuction can be used on a wide variety of areas on the body: the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, hips, waist, neck, chin, cheeks, and the upper arms. Different body sculpting techniques can be used for most liposuction patients, which will be discussed in detail during your pre-operative consultation.

Who are Good Candidates for a Liposuction?

Unresponsive fat deposits

Before undergoing liposuction, Dallas plastic surgeon, Dr. Trovato, will first determine if you’re eligible for the procedure. Generally, the best candidates for liposuction are in good health and within 10 percent of their ideal body weight. Ideally, liposuction is for individuals who have fat deposits that have not responded to diet and exercise. After your liposuction Dallas plastic surgeon, Dr. Matthew J. Trovato will provide you with instructions to follow during your recovery.

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The Liposuction Procedure

improvements in the procedure

Liposuction originally was performed only under general anesthesia, but improvements in the procedure now usually only merit local anesthesia. First, a solution is injected into the targeted fat deposits that helps break up the fat and contains lidocaine for patient comfort. Tiny incisions, usually around one third of an inch, are made in the surgical site. Dr. Trovato then inserts a thin suction tube called a cannula through the incisions. The tube is moved back and forth to break up the fat cells in the area, which are then suctioned out. To make up for the blood and body fluids that will be lost during the liposuction procedure, you will receive intravenous replacement fluids throughout the body contouring procedure.

Liposuction Recovery

Recovery from liposuction varies depending on the method and the extent of the procedure. Recovery can be as short as a couple days, but can also take up to a month with extensive procedures. Usually, Dr. Trovato recommends his Dallas liposuction patients wear compression garments following the procedure to help the area adapt more quickly to its new contour. There will be some bruising and swelling, There will be some bruising and swelling, but liposuction is generally not a difficult recovery.

Liposuction Results

Liposuction results are immediate, although they won’t fully show themselves until the swelling and bruising subsides and your skin has fully settled down to its new contour. Liposuction will permanently remove pockets of fat, but is not a weight loss procedure. While fat won’t return to the site of the procedure, it can form in other adjacent areas with weight gain, so patients need to adopt a healthy diet and exercise regimen for the best liposuction results.

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