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Arm Lift in Dallas, TX

What Is a Brachioplasty?

remove excess skin and fat

Significant weight gain or weight loss, or simply the unwanted effects that come with aging, can create loose skin on the upper arms. This results in unsightly, inelastic flabby areas on the bottom of both upper arms, sometimes referred to as “bat wings.” A solution to this is a plastic surgery procedure called brachioplasty, commonly known as an arm lift. This arm tightening procedure removes excess skin and fat in the upper arms.

Arm Lift Procedure

Fat deposits in the area may be removed

Dr. Trovato starts the arm lift procedure by creating an incision either on the inside or on the back of the arm near the elbow. The length and pattern of the incision, which could extend all the way up to the underarm, will depend on the amount and location of the excess skin present. Fat deposits in the area may be removed through excision or liposuction. Once the fat has been removed, the supportive tissues in the arm are tightened and contoured using internal sutures. The skin is then re-draped and smoothed to conform to the new tighter contour.

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Results After Arm Lift

noticeable immediately after the procedure

There will be bruising and swelling, but your new firmer upper arms will be noticeable immediately after the arm lift procedure. There will also be some scarring. An arm lift can bring long-lasting results, especially when the patient maintains a stable weight and exercises regularly. However, the firmness of the arms may still be affected by the natural effects of aging. During arm lift recovery, it is essential that the surgical incisions are protected from excessive force, motion, or abrasion while they are healing.

Patient Testimonials

Testimonial from Patient

"I can not say enough good things about Dr. Trovato and his staff. From my first visit, I knew that Dr. Trovato was the doctor for me. My story is one for significant weight loss that left me with sagging and uncomfortable extra skin. Dr. Trovato performed a thigh lift, tummy tuck and breast lift. I knew that I woul be happy to get rid of the uncomfortable skin, but I underestimated the feeling that the surgery gave me back my true self and the body I had years ago before I gained the weight. Dr. Trovato and his staff were so incouraging, supportive, and always took the time to answer any questions that I had. When I comes to live changing cosmetic surgery, I’m really glad I choose the best of the best. I am thrilled with the results!"

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