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DIEP Flap Surgery in Dallas, TX

Renewed and Restored Vitality

Restore yourself with DIEP Flap Reconstruction by Dallas Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Matthew J. Trovato M.D.

You survived breast cancer. You are healing and feel better every day. You are ready to bring normalcy to your life and restore your breasts with DIEP flap surgery. Dr. Trovato is a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in the DIEP flap surgery in Dallas. First, discover if you are a candidate for DIEP flap Reconstruction. Then, schedule your appointment to meet with Dr. Trovato and our highly skilled surgical team at our Dallas location.

What is DIEP Flap Surgery?

‘Flap’ is a surgical term for the tissue being relocated

DIEP (deep inferior epigastric perforator) flap surgery is a surgical approach to recreate breast and breast tissue with fat from your abdomen. DIEP refers to the blood vessel used for the transplant of the fat. The ‘Flap’ is a surgical term for the tissue being relocated. The DIEP vessels are located under and on each side of your ‘six pack’ muscle or major abdominal. The vessels have branches that surround and go through the muscle; these perforating branches are transferred along with your tummy fat to reconstruct your breasts.

Dr. Matthew J. Trovato, Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Benefits of DIEP Flap Surgery

an improved abdomen

Because Dr. Trovato uses your body’s tissue to reconstruct your breasts, your body will not reject it. The transferred fat will change in shape and volume as your natural weight fluctuates. Since the breasts are reconstructed with fat, the breast tissue density will feel the same as normal breast tissue. A final benefit includes an improved abdomen that is flatter and tighter similar to a tummy tuck. Once you heal, you will have fuller breasts and a flatter stomach.

DIEP Flap Surgery Procedure

Once you receive your IV fluids and medications, you will be prepped for surgery. The DIEP flap surgery takes four to five hours for single breast and five to seven hours for a bilateral procedure. Rest assured, you are well taken care of in a state-of-the-art operating suite in a fully accredited hospital. In addition to Dr. Trovato, your surgical team includes operating room technicians, nurses, physician assistants, and anesthesiologists.

DIEP Flap Surgery Recovery

Your DIEP flap surgery in Dallas, will occur in a surgical center, and your expected stay is three to four days in a private inpatient room. The attending physician and nurses supervise you. You may have one family member or friend to stay with you overnight. After your Dallas DIEP flap surgery, you may experience mild swelling and bruising. Any soreness or discomfort is alleviated with the medications we provide. Muscle spasms and any feeling of tightness in the abdomen are to be expected and will resolve themselves as your swelling subsides.

DIEP Flap Surgery Results

Dr. Trovato will discuss when it is appropriate to return to your daily activities

Typically, patients wait four to six weeks before engaging in strenuous activity. You will receive specific post-operative DIEP surgery instructions for a range of motion exercises to participate in to regain your mobility. Your DIEP flap surgery results are permanent, and you should not need additional breast surgery.

Dr. Matthew J. Trovato, Dallas Plastic Surgeon Dallas Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Trovato

Schedule your DIEP Flap Surgery consultation with
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During your consultation for DIEP flap surgery Dallas plastic surgeon, Dr. Trovato will assess your breast concerns and determine the best approach to bring you optimal results. It’s time for you to renew your vitality and restore your breasts with DIEP flap surgery in Dallas. Schedule a consultation today.

DIEP Flap Surgery Frequently Asked Questions

What are the risks of DIEP flap surgery?

Your safety and health are our top priority. Any surgery carries risks, but risks can be minimized with thorough pre-and post-surgical instructions. If inherent medical issues are a factor, we work with you and your doctor to maximize your safety and recovery.

How much does DIEP flap surgery cost?

Every DIEP flap surgery is unique. Dr. Trovato will discuss the cost of your surgery during your consultation. Your medical insurance should cover the cost. However, if you are not insured, there are payment and financing options available for your convenience.

Does my insurance cover DIEP flap surgery?

It is always best to contact your health provider about your coverage options. However, your insurance covers the cost of mastectomy and the reconstruction method of your choice. The dedicated staff with Dallas plastic surgeon, Dr. Matthew J. Trovato M.D. will work with your insurance and keep you apprised of coverage and payment details.

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