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Brow Lift in Dallas, TX

What can a Brow Lift do?

A brow lift can counteract the effects of aging on the forehead and upper face

Sagging skin in this area can give a person a perpetually tired, or even angry, appearance. By tightening the underlying muscles and removing saggy excess skin, brow lift can have a very rejuvenating result.

Who are Good Candidates for a Brow Lift?

Solutions for facial lines

A brow lift is a good solution for patients with deep horizontal folds etched across their forehead, as well as those with frown lines between their eyebrows. Generally, it addresses sagging eyebrows that create a sad, lifeless appearance on the face.

Dr. Matthew J. Trovato, Dallas Plastic Surgeon

The Brow Lift Procedure


With the brow lift procedure, the goal is to reposition muscle and tissue across the forehead to eliminate sagging while still leaving a natural, not taut, look. We accomplish this by means of the traditional brow lift approach. Dallas plastic surgeon, Matthew J. Trovato MD strives to deliver the best brow lift Dallas has to offer.

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What Can I Expect During Recovery From a Brow Lift?

There will be swelling after your Dallas brow lift surgery. This varies, but can last up to two weeks. Cold compresses help during the first few days of your recovery. Patients need to avoid any bending and medium to heavy lifting during recovery, as these actions create pressure and encourage bleeding in the forehead area. It takes time for all the swelling and trauma from a brow lift to settle, sometimes lasting up to six months. But over that time, your results continue to improve.

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