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ThriveMD: Anti-Aging Personalized Matthew J. Trovato, MD

ThriveMD: Anti-Aging Personalized

ThriveMD: Anti-Aging Personalized

By 2019, the anti-aging market is expected to reach almost 200 billion dollars of revenue in the United States. With so much at stake, cosmetic companies are focusing on capturing their piece of the pie. If you are like most men and women, you may have already tried some of the many promising products that are readily available to consumers. But do these products work? In most cases, no. Fortunately, Dr. Trovato has developed a line of anti-aging skin care that is proven to help with the signs of aging.

Consumer Products: Why the Results are Less Than Expected

When you buy an anti-aging cream, serum or moisturizer from the department store, it is not tailored to your skin, so it may or may not work. To understand why let’s go inside a hypothetical cosmetic company that wants to offer high-quality anti-aging skincare for men and women. As you start to do a little research, you realize that each person is unique in skin type, color, aging factors, genetics, and lifestyle. You want to create a product that meets the anti-aging needs of all men and women, but the task is simply impossible. The only realistic choice for the consumer market is to offer products that will likely meet the needs of most consumers.

The Solution? Personalized Anti-Aging Treatments

Everyone’s skin is unique by design and environmental factors; therefore, the most effective anti-aging solutions are those that are tailored to meet the needs of the patient. This does not require an infinite number of products. Rather, anti-aging should include a few basic options that can be combined to create customized solutions. Anti-aging does not need to be complicated. It only needs to be comprehensive.

ThriveMD by Dr. Matthew J. Trovato

Dr. Trovato has developed ThriveMD with three anti-aging goals in mind.

  • Restore hormone levels
  • Optimize physiologic functions
  • Recover and reduce degenerative disease

ThriveMD not only helps with anti-aging, but the program also helps with weight loss, skin health, recovery from surgery, preventive medicine and more.

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