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What is achieved with the arm lift procedure? Matthew J. Trovato, MD

What is achieved with the arm lift procedure?

What is achieved with the arm lift procedure?

When significant weight loss occurs or the signs of aging cause skin laxity, it can show in certain areas more than others. One common area of concern is that of the upper arms. The upper arms may cause sagging skin that hangs down when the arms are upward. Many men and women who have excess skin and tissue on the upper arms will often find that they avoid wearing revealing clothing such as swimsuits or tank tops as it makes the problem more apparent. Dr. Matthew J. Trovato and his team are dedicated to helping patients feel more confident with their appearance be removing this extra skin and firming the upper arms with an arm lift.

What is an arm lift?

Just like lifts on other parts of the body, the arm lift is performed to remove excess fat and skin from underneath the arms. The incisions are made along the bottom of the arm and around the armpit area to reduce visible scarring. When done correctly, the results are natural and dramatic, and allow patients to feel more comfortable in situations where the arms are more exposed.

Who is a candidate?

During an initial consultation appointment, our team of professionals will assess a patient’s current situation and listen to their desires. Our team also have before and after photos that we can share of past patients who have undergone the procedure to give patients an idea of what can be achieved. We always want to make sure that patients have realistic expectations regarding the final results that they will see at the end of recovery. Patients will also want to ensure that they take time off of certain activities such as work, school, and social events to heal properly and reduce the risk of developing an infection or other complications common with surgical procedures.

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