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Add Facial Contour and Definition With Cheek Augmentation Matthew J. Trovato, MD

Add Facial Contour and Definition With Cheek Augmentation

Add Facial Contour and Definition With Cheek Augmentation

Full cheeks are often a part of how we determine person’s appearance, and we may not even realize that we’re noticing it. If you are bothered by weak cheek structure or a flat or narrow face, you may benefit from cheek augmentation to provide greater harmony to your facial features and an improved cosmetic appearance.

What Are Cheek Implants?

Cheek augmentation is a cosmetic surgical technique in which your doctor places a solid implant over your cheekbone through small incisions made in the lower eyelids or mouth. Cheek implants come in many shapes and sizes and are customized to fit your particular facial structure. Some implants are made from silicone and can be removed at a later date if needed; others like hydroxyapatite implants fuse with natural bone tissue and become part of the cheek itself. Using local anesthesia or IV sedation, the procedure involves making small pockets in the cheek tissue and placing the implants there. The surgeon then stitches up the small incisions, which either are removed after about 10 days or dissolve on their own (if placed in the mouth.) The procedure takes about 15 minutes per side.

How Long Is the Recovery?

The length of time it takes to recover from cheek implants varies from patient to patient, but generally, it lasts 3-4 days, at which time you can resume light activity. The recovery process depends on how much swelling occurs, as some patients may experience more swelling than others. It will also feel different when you try to smile or pucker for the first week or so.

Are Cheek Implants Safe?

All surgeries carry risks, but the good news is that complications from cheek implants are rare when placed in the hands of a qualified facial plastic surgeon. Implantable materials have been used for many years reconstructive surgery with a very low complication rate.

Are You Considering Cheek Augmentation Surgery?

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