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How can cheek implants enhance facial contours? Matthew J. Trovato, MD

How can cheek implants enhance facial contours?

How can cheek implants enhance facial contours?

Do you find that your facial contours are not nearly as apparent as they are on others? Do you want more defined cheekbones to lessen the roundness of your face? Do you want more balance and harmony on the appearance of your face? If you are considering your options for enhancing your facial appearance, Dr. Matthew J. Trovato and his team in Dallas, TX may encourage patients to think about the benefits of cheek implants.

What are cheek implants and how do they work?

Cheek implants are similar to many other types of implants used in the face. These implants have a proven safety record since the 1950’s and continue to be a popular choice for patients seeking higher projection of the cheekbones and fuller cheeks. Patients can choose from malar, submalar, or combined implants based on the desires they have regarding the final results. Dr. Matthew J. Trovato will evaluate a patient to make a determination in the best type of implant for that individual.

What about scarring?

As with any plastic surgery, patients are often worried about the possible scarring that could result from such a treatment. Dr. Matthew J. Trovato works hard to ensure that patients have minimal scarring and that incisions are done in areas where scarring will be less noticeable, such as inside of the mouth or around the lower eyelid. Patients who have cheek implants may also consider having other surgeries performed at the same time, such as a brow lift or eye lift. In situations such as this, the doctor will utilize the same incisions for both procedures.

What can I expect from recovery following cheek implant surgery?

After surgery, most patients will experience mild swelling and bruising that will resolve on its own with time. Patients may also be prescribed pain medication to take for a few days following surgery to remain comfortable. Patients will typically expect to take approximately one week off of work and normal activities. Healing occurs over the course of several weeks.

Are you ready to find out if cheek implants are right for you?

Connect with Dr. Matthew J. Trovato and his team to determine if you are a good candidate for this or other facial implants. His practice in Dallas, TX can be reached by calling (214) 827-2873 to request a consultation.

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