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Why chemical peels continue to remain popular for skin rejuvenation Matthew J. Trovato, MD

Why chemical peels continue to remain popular for skin rejuvenation

  • Posted on: Nov 15 2021
  • By: henley

Why chemical peels continue to remain popular for skin rejuvenation

At the practice of Dr. Matthew J. Trovato, many patients believe that they can only receive plastic surgeries for the face and body. However, he is also pleased to offer solutions for patients that are minimally-invasive and nonsurgical for skin and body enhancement. For patients who are interested in rejuvenating facial skin without a facelift or brow lift, our team may encourage them to consider solutions such as the chemical peel.

What is a chemical peel?

Chemical peels have been used for centuries to improve the skin’s appearance. It can help in stimulating skin cell turnover, allowing dead skin cells to be removed and exfoliated from the skin to bring forth fresher, newer skin cells that appear youthful and vibrant! The chemical peel is often achieved by applying a combination of ingredients onto the skin and then leaving it or removing it to achieve exfoliation.

What types of chemical peels are available?

Chemical peels are popular because there are many types that might be used to enhance the skin’s appearance and health. Patients who want mild results and no downtime might ask about superficial peels, which are extremely mild and gentle. They exfoliate the topmost layer of skin with ingredients such as alpha-hydroxy. Medium peels are a little stronger, and might require a day or two off of work and activities to allow the skin to heal. Patients who are in need of dramatic changes to the skin in a shorter period of time may consider the advantages of the more aggressive peel. These peels often include trichloroacetic acid or phenols. These deep peels are perfect for addressing several issues that might go deep within the skin, such as pigmentation problems or scarring. Patients will need approximately two to three weeks to heal following a deep peel, though the results when the transformation is complete are dramatic and beautiful!

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