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Why Now is the Best Time for Liposuction Matthew J. Trovato, MD

Why Now is the Best Time for Liposuction

Why Now is the Best Time for Liposuction

Winter is a great time to get your Liposuction. You may be thinking that you’d rather not trudge through the snow to get to your appointment, but there are benefits that far outweigh the costs of a little trip through the cold weather. In fact, winter is one of the most popular times to get liposuction. We bet you don’t know why.

Keep reading to learn why this time of year is ideal for certain treatments to help you feel more beautiful!

Recovery Time

Many people have more downtime in their schedules this time of year. Whether you work in an office that closes or allows you to work from home during bad weather, or you just find yourself with less on your plate, many offices experience slower times around winter. It could be that your work is already “done” by now, or because large swathes of the office are left empty due to vacations and in-laws visiting. Regardless, this can mean extra downtime or vacation time that you can take advantage of.

Cozy Clothes

Thank goodness for warm clothes. But, we love them for more than the fact that they keep us warm in cold, drafty rooms. Those cozy, oversized sweaters and comfortable leggings help disguise wraps and other parts of surgery that you may not want to display. Plus, you’ll feel more relaxed and ready to heal when you’re all tucked into a warm blanket with a thick, warm sweater and cozy socks.


With many of the more invasive treatments offered by us, there’s recovery time that sits between your appointment and your final results. This is likely why winter is a choice time to get your liposuction done. You’re able to rest and relax while your results develop. Being able to rest will also help encourage the best results. While everyone else worries about shedding pounds for swimsuit season, you’ll be one step ahead of the game.

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