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How to Get Rid of Pregnancy-Induced Acne Scars Matthew J. Trovato, MD

How to Get Rid of Pregnancy-Induced Acne Scars

How to Get Rid of Pregnancy-Induced Acne Scars

Your pregnancy may have left you with more than that little bundle of joy; including some excess weight, a whole lot of hormones, and even some acne scars. If you are one of the women who suffered from pregnancy-induced acne and now have the scars to show for it, there are a few things that Dr. Matthew J. Trovato can do to help you get rid of your acne scars and get you back to your pre-pregnancy self. Read on to learn more.

Chemical Peels

Containing ingredients like glycolic acid, chemical peels are designed to target the top few layers of your skin and cause them to peel off. Once your skin has peeled off, new skin will grow in its place— leaving you with less scarring. To get the best results from a chemical peel, we encourage our patients to get one every month for a few months or until the scarring is almost gone.


Similar to chemical peels, microdermabrasion uses tiny crystals to rough up your skin and get rid of the top few layers. However, because microdermabrasion is a more intense treatment, your skin will be more sensitive and red afterwards— making you more prone to things like sun damage. While you are recovering from microdermabrasion, we encourage all of our patients to wear sunscreen and avoid too much contact with the sun.

Pregnancy can wreak some serious havoc on your entire body— leaving you feeling not only exhausted afterward but like you’ll never get your skin and body back ever again. Dr. Matthew J. Trovato may not be able to get rid of your pregnancy weight, but he can help you get rid of any acne scars you received. If you would like to learn more about how you can get rid of your acne or to schedule an appointment, contact Dr. Matthew J. Trovato today.

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