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Springtime Plastic Surgery Matthew J. Trovato, MD

Springtime Plastic Surgery

Springtime Plastic Surgery

Are you itching to make a change? It’s not too late. In fact, spring is a great time for plastic surgery because the weather is still cool enough to allow you to stay inside to recuperate, and there’s less you need to do. Generally, in the summer, it can be hard to stay stuck indoors while everyone else is cooling off by the pool or playing on the beach. You can still wear looser clothing to help conceal wraps or other post-surgery bandages in the cooler spring months, too.

Even better, the kids are still in school during this time of year, so there’s less help you’ll need taking care of them while you recuperate. You’ve still got enough time as a buffer between now and summer vacation.

Recommended Treatments for Spring

Breast surgery, body contouring (like liposuction), and facial surgery procedures can all be performed with great results in the springtime. Before the hotter temperatures of summer come, consider how well you did with your New Year’s resolutions. Did you abandon your goals too quickly?  Maybe you’re so close to hitting your target weight, but just need a little help to get to where you want to be. A well-timed procedure can improve the look of your face or body, and help you feel more confident when summer strikes.

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Enjoy the summer or get that procedure done in the heyday of summer? Staying inside in an air conditioned home will generally be required to allow yourself the best healing after an invasive procedure. You might think about recuperating poolside or in the backyard in the shade. We wouldn’t recommend it because the heat and sun can actually mean prolonged swelling or even bleeding after your surgery. It’s better that you heal as quickly and safely as possible.

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