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Rhinoplasties: Are they More Than Cosmetic? Matthew J. Trovato, MD

Rhinoplasties: Are they More Than Cosmetic?

Rhinoplasties: Are they More Than Cosmetic?

It used to be that there was some stigma surrounding plastic surgery— especially rhinoplasties. It was one of those things that few people got done, but even fewer talked about— it was almost like wearing a scarlet letter. Fortunately, times have changed— and in a drastic way. Not only is plastic surgery common but it’s also something that people freely talk about with even strangers.

If your nose makes you feel self-conscious due to its size or shape, Dr. Matthew J. Trovato can perform a rhinoplasty to give you a softer looking appearance. But, unlike popular belief, a rhinoplasty may be able to do more than just enhance your physical appearance.


There are two types of breathers: nose breathers and mouth breathers. If you are the latter, you may suffer from a condition called a deviated septum which causes one side of your septum (the thin wall between your nasal passages) to be skewed to one side. The symptoms of a deviated septum include things such as the inability to breathe properly through your nose while sleeping, frequent nose bleeds, and congestion.

During a rhinoplasty, Dr. Matthew J. Trovato can not only correct cosmetic issues, but he can also go into your nasal passages and correct this issue— leaving you with the ability to breathe properly.

As a part of your initial consultation, DR. Matthew J. Trovato will conduct a physical examination of your nose to determine if your rhinoplasty is merely cosmetic or if there are some more medical based changes that need to be made.

The benefits of plastic surgery are more than just an improved appearance— it can give you a better self-esteem, improve your comfort level, and may even enhance your health. Schedule your rhinoplasty consultation at one of our offices today!

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