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Charcoal: Does It Really Work? Matthew J. Trovato, MD

Charcoal: Does It Really Work?

Charcoal: Does It Really Work?

Charcoal is one of the newest additions to skincare products, but should you leave these blacked squares of mystery ingredients in your barbecue grill, or does charcoal work? As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Trovato helps men and women who want to improve the way their skin looks, and the best approach is improving skin health. He routinely discusses the use of charcoal in skincare products, and here are some of his top insights.

Activated Charcoal: What is It?

Charcoal is the remnants of a certain method of burning a fuel, such as wood. The fuel is burned in such a way that removes methane gas, water, tar and other substances. When charcoal is exposed to oxygen or another gas, it is said to be “activated,” meaning that the charcoal has developed pores that are shown to absorb substances. Activated charcoal has long been used in the medical field to remove toxins from a person’s stomach, such as ingested poisons or drugs. The same concept applies to the skin. The benefits of charcoal are that it works as a magnet for the oils, dead skin cells and dirt inside your pores.

Skincare Based on Science? Maybe Not.

Much of the science behind using charcoal in skincare products leans more towards theory than real evidence. Little, if any, research has been conducted to prove that skincare products that contain charcoal work better compared to other products. At best, charcoal may work well as an exfoliating medium. Patients who do use charcoal products may find that their skin does not dry out as easily. If you use charcoal-based skincare, practice moderation, as using them more than two or three times per week may damage your skin.

A Better Way to Healthy Skin

The chances are that if you are considering or using charcoal products as part of your skincare, you are unhappy with some aspect of your skin. Your best option is to meet with Dr. Trovato to learn about chemical peels, professional skincare, anti-aging supplements and other approaches that are scientifically proven to enhance skin health.

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