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Find out if you are a candidate for a thigh lift procedure Matthew J. Trovato, MD

Find out if you are a candidate for a thigh lift procedure

Find out if you are a candidate for a thigh lift procedure

Over time, patients will notice a variety of changes to the body due to the natural process of aging. Those who have experienced pregnancy, breastfeeding, and even significant weight loss may be unhappy with the excess skin impacting their body contours and overall appearance. Men and women who are self-conscious about sagging skin on the body often turn to a plastic surgeon to learn more about lifting treatments. When excess skin is hanging from the buttocks and thigh area, a thigh lift might be the right solution for a patient.

What is the thigh lift procedure?

Dr. Matthew J. Trovato of Dallas, TX describes a procedure that is preformed to remove excess skin and fat that might be present in the inner and outer thigh. In doing so, this can tighten the thigh area and allow men and women to feel more comfortable in situations where their skin is exposed, such as spending time at the beach in a swimsuit. Women with problems such as cellulite will also see an improvement in how smooth their skin appears after this procedure.

What can I expect from the thigh lift surgery?

The thigh lift procedure is performed under general anesthesia as an outpatient surgery. Patients who have the procedure performed will want to plan for their recovery by taking time off of work and exercise to allow for proper healing. Patients will want to closely follow their postoperative care instructions supplied by Dr. Matthew J. Trovato to ensure that they heal as expected and reduce their risk of certain complications, including infection. Patients need to wear compression garments for several weeks and avoid strenuous activity until they are cleared by their plastic surgeon. Any narcotic pain medication used to manage discomfort will need to be discontinued before patients can drive, return to work, and start participating in light exercises.

Interested in the thigh lift procedure?

If you are interested in lifting the thighs, buttocks, or other areas of the body, connect with Dr. Matthew J. Trovato and his team in Dallas, TX to determine if you are an appropriate candidate. The office can be reached by calling (214) 827-2873.

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