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Cheek Implants in Dallas, TX

As We Age, Our Cheeks Don’t Take It Kindly

Return structure to the cheeks

The combination of decreasing collagen production and skin elasticity can leave your cheeks saggy and hollow. And the cheeks are one of the areas that other people focus on when looking at the face. Cheek implants with Dallas plastic surgeon, Dr. Matthew J. Trovato can return form and structure to the cheeks. Dr. Trovato strives to deliver the best cheek implants Dallas has to offer, and won’t make you look like someone else, but they will enhance your features.

What are Cheek Implants?

enhance the cheek area

Cheek implants are made of silicone, high-density porous polyethylene, or Gore-Tex and are inserted under the skin to enhance the structure of the cheek area. They may increase projection or simply fill volume that has been lost due to aging.

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Who Can Benefit From Cheek Implants?

Ideal Candidates

Good candidates for cheek implants are those who have flat, “deflated” cheeks due to aging or illness. Cheeks that are poorly defined may also be corrected with cheek implants at our Dallas location. Patients who have hollowed cheeks or temples, or baggy eyes and wrinkled cheeks, usually reap the best outcomes from the procedure.

How Are Cheek Implants Used in Surgery?

Cheek implants may be placed in conjunction
with other facial plastic surgery procedures

Such as a facelift or rhinoplasty, or as a stand-alone procedure. Dr. Trovato inserts cheek implants through small incisions in the patient’s mouth or lower eyelids. Small pockets are created underneath the cheek tissue to house the implants.

What Are the Risks of Cheek Implants?

The main complication from cheek implants is the possibility of the implant shifting once in place. If this happens, another surgery will needed to put the implant back into its proper location.

dallas cheek implant model with brown hair

Cheek Implant Recovery

Initial swelling will hide the immediate results of having new cheek implants. While swelling usually is gone within a few days, in rare cases, this swelling may last several months before fully dissipating. There can be some discomfort, numbness, and discoloration in the area of your implants. Your facial movements may also become impaired or restricted temporarily; this is a common manifestation that many Dallas cheek implant patients experience after their implant surgery. Call (214) 827-2873 for our Dallas location or call (973) 509-2000 for our New Jersey location to schedule a consultation and learn more.

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Call (214) 827-2873 for our Dallas location or call (973) 509-2000 for our New Jersey location to schedule a consultation and learn more.

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