Lip Lift

What is a Lip Lift?

A lip lift is a very straight forward procedure where the distance between the upper lip and the base of the nose is shortened by removing excessive skin just below the nose. The incision is favorably placed in the natural creases around the nose so they can be optimally concealed.


Who is a candidate for the Lip Lift?

Most lip lift candidates are patients whose upper lip has fallen victim to gravity; over time the lip will fall farther away from the base of their nose, which causes the upper teeth to be mostly covered at rest, which is subconsiously a trait that connotes age.

Does a Lip Lift change your smile?

The lip lift will not change the ability to smile, however, should improve the patient’s smile as it allows for more show of the upper teeth.

Will the Lip Lift make me look younger?

Absolutely, yes! Subconsciously, when others are trying to determine a person’s age by their appearance, they look at the area around the mouth, and if someone has a longer upper lip and reduced teeth show, it is assumed that the person is of more advanced age. Not to mention, if you look at nearly any super model, they have extremely short upper lips. It is generally an aesthetically pleasing attribute.

What is the Lip Lift Procedure like?

The lip lift is an incredibly tolerable procedure. So tolerable, in fact, that it is frequently performed under local anesthesia. If done alone, it can be completed within an hour. The patient is made very comfortable by the use of local anesthesia, and nitrous oxide, if desired. There will be dissolvable sutures placed that will resorb within about two weeks, and the post-procedural care is extremely low maintenance.

How painful is a Lip Lift?

Almost zero post-operative pain. Most patients receive a prescription for a light pain medication, but do not end up requiring the use!

How long does it take to recover from?

If done under local anesthesia, the only restriction placed on the patient is to pull back on exercise for approximately one week. The incision line will heal over a longer period of time, but the scar will begin to fade after two weeks!

Is a Lip Lift worth it?

The lip lift is a great procedure because it makes a notable, but subtle difference, while also being nearly pain free with limited down time.

Are they are any other surgeries i can couple with my Lift Lip?

It is very common that patients combine the lip lift with other facial procedures. Many times, it will be done with neck and face lifts for ultimate facial rejuvenation. Also, it is frequently done alongside other procedures easily done under local anesthesia, such as eyelid lifts, brow lifts, and lasers.

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